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Historia Candelaria en ingles

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He  was  born  in  september  2nd  in  1983  in  candelaria valle .He  was very Interested for the  arts  , he was  dedicate   in  the  pictures, dance  and poem.
He  became  in  a  writer  about  the socio  culture  of  candelaria  .He  published the book candelaria  1950-1990  changes  of  the  economy  and socio  cultures. . He wrotc himno a Candelaria.
He  studied  socials seience  in  the  Universidad  del  valle  and  now heis  studying  lawyer ship  and politic sciences . In the Universidad libre de cali, He was good artist and he traveled by a lot of places in Colombia and several countrives in america and Europe, sharing with another artists Now he is a teacher in ana Julia Holguin de Hurtado School and he is the coordinator in Santiago rejifo salcedo in villa gorgona 



Candelaria is situated on south valle del cauca to 3grades .25 minutes 21 minutes of latitude east of meridian green wich
Population: it is about 55.00 in habitants it is about 75 meters high on the sea level and it is 285 kilometers squares


it’s totally even the ground belong to the plain of the cauca river 


the weather is hot and it has a temperature about 25 and 36 grades as maxime and and 19 and 11 grades as minimu


candelaria has ared of rivers as cauca fraile Parraga River and several low streams that let to water the diverses cultivations like sugar cane


Some rescarchers base by them self by the by the version of Sebastian de velarcazar (who founded this town in isus) another (who founded this town in 1945) another said that Nicolas de Federman was the founder of this town.
In the XVI century, some comers arrived of Cali City to thistown they wanted find wood to build the principal church to our capital call city.
In February 2nd in 1545 the virgin of Candelaria that gave origin to this name.
In the settler age, Caloto was the importat distrit.


The mots important event in Candelaria are the holy festival the abjective in this festival is grue tribute a special saint for it it’s coordinated by the church.
And Candelaia celebrates other kinds of festivals, and the people is ven funny, others festivals are the carnivals black and white, our señora de las Lajas and Pedro Ramirez  , festival and dances.


It was adopted, according, according NO: 034 of November in 1991 composed by four cantons:
· left superior cantons color blue it mean the agro industry
·Left superior canton right color purple mean: the reach corregimient
·  Left low canton mean the fertility and the hupe.

The shield is borded by the flag of the town in sinaple gold and crowned by a ribbon that says U 1545 candelaria 1894 this shield was designed by the boy Fabian Alexis Manzano it was nine years old of the Ana Julia Holguin school.


it was written by Isaias Gamboa, music by libardo Mora


Candelaria has a very bad water in this moment for 3 reazons:
1.   The governments have been very irresponsible with this topie
2.   Ther rivers are very contaminated
3.   Other nearest towns don’t help to our  town with this problem